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How do I connect the Platinum Large Turntable?

The Platinum Large Turntable comes with a 24V, 5A power adapter.  Please make sure that your power adapter is 24V and at least 3A rated.  In particular, please make sure that you are not using a 12V power adapter, which some of our customers have used, since a lot of devices' power adapters seem to be very similar these days.  A 12V power adapter will power up the controller, but will not power up the motor and that table won't rotate.  Here is an Amazon adapter that is compatible with all Platinum Large and Medium tables:

Step-by-step guide

The Platinum Large turntable comes with the following parts:

  1. At the top of the box you will find the table aluminum top and the acrylic white top.
  2. After removing the acrylic white top and the table top, you will find the main turntable.
  3. After the table is removed, you will find a pocket with the following:
    1. 24V, 5A Power adapter
    2. USB cable
    3. Pouch with the main screw and 6mm hex wrench.  This pouch may have additional screws if additional options were ordered.
  4. (Optional)  If you purchased the Riser Option please see this KB on how to install the riser (which is the same as for the Platinum Large):
    Installing Platinum Riser Kit
    With the Riser Option you will also have:
    1. An additional acrylic sheet at the top of the box
    2. Four riser legs and riser mounting screws.
  5. (Optional) If you purchased the Extender Option please see this KB on how to install the extender:
    Platform Extender for Iconasys Platinum LRG Turntable
    With the Extender Option you will also have:
    1. Four extender arms (placed on top of the box)
    2. Four extender cylinders with coaster wheels (placed inside holes in the supporting foam)
  6. (Optional) If you purchased the Hanging Kit Option please see this KB on how to install the hanging kit: 
    Platinum Large Turntable Hanging Kit
    With the Hanging Kit Option you will also have:
    1. Four eye-loop hooks
    2. Two cross arms and supporting screws

 To install the table for first time use, please follow these steps:

  1. Screw the table top to the table, using the 6mm hex wrench and the large bolt found in the pouch with the hex wrench.
  2. Install any additional accessories, as described above.
  3. Connect the power and turn the controller on.
  4. Connect the USB cable from the controller to the computer.
  5. Start Shutter Stream, go to the 360 icon in the upper-right corner and select the "Platinum Large Mark II" option.
  6. If you have any issues using the software, please contact our support team.