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Most common reasons why your turntable is not working properly:

  1. Confirm you are using the Iconasys 24V power supply (for Silver and Platinum models ONLY – for what Iconasys calls the USB model, the power is 12V).  Do not use any other power supply.
  2. If you are using a USB hub, make sure it is a powered USB hub (has an external power supply).  The vast majority of USB3.0 hubs work.  To be safe, test a powered USB2.0 hub.  If the USB2.0 hub works, then using a USB-3.0 hub will as well.
  3. Use the USB cable that was included with your Iconasys turntable.  The USB cable provided is a USB2.0 shielded cable and provides superior connectivity.
  4. On Mac, with a USB-C port, do not use a USB-C-to-USB cable.  Instead, use a USB-C-to-USB cable converter. Then connect using the USB cable provided by Iconasys.


I can't get the turntable to turn or I get a driver missing error when I attempt a 360 capture in ShutterStream.


The most common issues, when setting up your Iconasys Turntable, is a missing software driver or driver incompatibility with other devices.  Please try the following steps when troubleshooting your Iconasys Turntable:

1. Use the original power supply that came with the turntable. Make sure you aren't using the power supply from the lighting system, which has a different power rating.

2. Use the original USB cable. If you need a longer USB cable, you can find more info by searching for "USB extension" in KB articles homepage:

3. Use a computer user account with administrator rights. You can create a general username account so all or several of your employees have access to the software if need be. Our software needs those elevated rights, to write, read, save files to your computer, install turntable driver and for recognizing the turntable.

4. Turn off the camera. Turn off the turntable. Turn off the computer.

6. Disconnect ALL USB devices, plus all USB hubs.  It is critical that all USB devices are disconnected before proceeding to the next step.

7. Reconnect only the turntable. Make sure you connect it to a USB port on your computer. Do not connect through a USB hub.

8. Turn on the turntable switch. Do the LEDs turn on? Please send us a picture or tell us the status of the LEDs. What colors are they? From top to bottom there are 2R, 3Y, 4G and 1B (or 1G in some models). Record which LEDs are on and continue to the next step.

9. Turn on your Mac or PC and let it boot up.

10. Open Shutter Stream and click on the 360 button. You might get an error/ warning message about not finding the camera. Ignore those for now and click the 360 button.

11. Select the correct turntable model from the 360 Shooting Mode menu (select 'Iconasys Turntable' then select the correct model)

12. If you see the following error message, your turntable is not recognized by the software.

If you are using a Silver or Platinum Series Turntable and this message persists, please email us at so we can further troubleshoot the issue.

If you are using a Standard Series Iconasys Turntable (sold from 2014-2018), you may need to install the turntable driver:

  • The link to the Turntable Driver (PC), or to disable the default Mac driver (Mac), can be found in the Options area (blue gear wheel top right corner of UI) → select 'About' → this will pop up a window which includes 'Install Iconasys Turntable Driver' along with instructions.
  • On the PC you install the USB driver.  On the Mac, when you click the "Install Iconasys turntable driver" you actually disable the default Mac FTDI driver.  This allows our driver to then control the table.
  • On Mac, if you try to disable the driver a second time (i.e. you press the "Install Iconasys turntable driver") a second time (and in some cases, even the very first time you click on it), you will most likely get an error message similar to this:

    (kernel) Kext not found for unload request.

    Failed to unload - (libkern/kext) not found.

    (kernel) Kext not found for unload request.

    Failed to unload - (libkern/kext) not found

    This is OK since it means that you've already disabled the default Mac FTDI driver and the message is telling you that you can't disable it again.

  • Or, on Mac, if your Mac can detect the turntable (in System Report, see the image below), you can try this step. If not, contact support.    So, to disable the default Apple FTDI driver (which might stop our software controlling our turntable), you can follow the step 5b, then retry to use the turntable (click the 360 button in Shutter Stream, select your model, scroll down to see the Play ">" button, to make the turntable spin). If no luck, try with step 5c, retry. Here is the article:

  • On Mac, if you check the hardware profile you should see the UMR245 USB device, as shown:

12.  After installing (PC) / disabling (Mac) the FTDI driver, go back to the 360 controller and select the Iconasys turntable.

13. Click on the big blue Play button (Continuous spin) in the 360 dialog. Does the table turn? If it does then you can stop it. The table is working. Now, you can exit the Shutter Stream software and turn on the camera and go back to step 8. Please let us know if you get any errors anywhere. At this point you can also start adding other USB devices back in and you'll have to retest the table to see if there's any conflict with other devices.

14. When shooting 360, if the turntable does not turn, but the "Continuous spin" works, then try these steps:

  • Make sure that the camera is set to JPG shooting mode.  You can also use JPG + RAW, but you CANNOT have the camera set on just RAW.
  • Exit out of the 360 mode and go back to Live View and try to snap a picture there.  If you cannot snap a picture using Live View then 360 will also not work.  Resolve the snap picture issue first and then return to 360, once the snap picture correctly uploads a captured image to Shutter Stream.

15. Click the 360 button in ShutterStream, select Iconasys Turntable, then select your turntable model, scroll down. In the Snap section, you have to select Auto, enter 1 and 1 second, for pre and post delay, click Start.

Turntable Hardware Adjustment For Tables Sold Between 2017 and 2018

If your turntable serial number is between: 0130-0500 and 0130-0750 and you are having issues detecting the turntable's FTDI controller then we recommend that you remove jumper J2 from the FTDI controller on the board. Please contact our support team before opening the turntable, as doing so without our approval will void the warranty. If the support team gives you the approval to remove jumper J2, then please open up the table and remove J2, which is the jumper pointed to in the following figure: