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  1. What is the meaning of all the LEDs / Lights on the Iconasys 360 Photography Turntables?
  2. What do the USB error codes mean?


The LEDs on the side of the turntable provide useful status information on the hardware controller of the table.

LED Status

There are 10 LEDs and here is the meaning of each LED (counting from the red LED towards the last LED – which can be green or blue):
  1. The first red LED represents the POWER.  If this is OFF, then there's a issue with the power of the table. Please contact us at
  2. The second red LED, depends on the table used:
    1. For Iconasys USB tables (encoder based): is currently not used.
    2. For Iconasys stepper controlled (all other tables): show the focus bit status.
  3. The next three yellow LEDs provide status on the inner workings of the hardware memory and counters.  As the table turns or the computer communicates with the turntable, you will see these blinking at different rates.  These LEDs' functions depend on the type of table you use:  
    1. For Iconasys USB tables (encoder based): one of the LEDs should blink as the table turns.  If none of the yellow LEDs blink as the table turns, then there's most likely a hardware malfunction with the table encoder. or an internal wire is loose.
    2. For Iconasys stepper controlled tables (most of the Iconasys tables): 
      1. First yellow: status of the shutter bit
      2. Second yellow: status of the motor enable bit
      3. Third yellow: status of the direction bit
  4. The next four green LEDs represent a 4 bit binary counter.  This counter is used by our technical team to monitor whether or not the internal counter is working correctly.  In some cases, we may ask you to video tape the LEDs for us.
  5. The last LED (which can be blue or green) has slightly different functionalities based on the table type:
    1. For Iconasys USB tables (encoder based): the LED is on when the turntable rotates and off when the table is stopped (for the USB tables).
    2. For stepper controlled tables (all that are not what Iconasys calls USB tables, although they are still USB controlled): the last LED will pulse at the frequency of the pulses.  Likely it'll look always on, but may be off when the table is stopped.

The USB error codes have the meaning listed below.

USB Error Codes

    //- 0    all fine

    //- 3    usb device not found

    //- 4    unable to open device

    //- 5    unable to claim device

    //- 6    reset failed

    //- 7    set baudrate failed

    //- 8    get product description failed

    //- 9    get serial number failed

    //- 10    unable to close device

    //- 11    ftdi context invalid

    //- 12    libusb_get_device_list() failed

    //- 13    libusb_get_device_descriptor() failed