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The turntable is not turning all the way, or the position is slightly off when shooting all the frames.

Use Original Cables

It is imperative that you test the table with the original power supply and USB cables.


If the turntable rotates, but there are issues with partial rotations, incomplete rotations, or positional errors, please check the following:

  1. Please make sure that you are using the ORIGINAL USB-2 shielded cable.  Most of the errors we have seen are
    due to the fact that the original USB cables are replaced with non-Iconasys USB-2 or USB-3 cables.  If you are using a non-Iconasys USB-2
    cable, please make sure the USB cable is shielded.  A large majority of USB-2 cables on the market are NOT shielded and these can cause 
    most of the issues with incomplete rotations.  If you desire to extend the cable, consider using a recommended extension cord (USB Extension)
    or a powered USB-2 HUB.

  2. Make sure that you selected the Iconasys table and that you selected the correct model for your table.
    If you select the wrong model then the table may under-rotate or over-rotate, or not rotate at all.

  3. Please make sure that you set the table to be locked when idle.  If you do not lock when idle, then the table positions
    will likely be slightly off.  

  4. If you are using a Large Platinum or Large Platinum Mark II with a single mounting hole in the center, please test to see 
    if the rotational errors happen in both rotational directions.  We have seen cases where in one direction the top bolt will
    unscrew slowly and the table looses its position.  If the errors happen in one direction, but not the other, then please
    make sure that the center bolt is tight and you may consider adding an anti-slip tape between the large aluminum plate
    and the turntable's flywheel.
  5. Please make sure you are using the original 24V power supply.

  6. As a last resort, you can open up the table and check that the PCB jumper shown in the image is ON.  If the jumper is missing, try adding 
    a jumper or connecting the two jumper wires together.  Adding the jumper increases the power to the PCB:

If all suggestions fail, then please contact our support team and we will help you troubleshoot things further.