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The Platinum LRG 360 Photography Turntable Hanging Kit is available as an optional accessory. This article provides suggestions for how to mount / suspend the turntable.

Suggestion One

To scan larger items, such as bicycles, shoes and purses you need to rig up a hanging system.  Here are some examples on how to use the hanging kit to scan larger items.

You can purchase such a hanging kit rig from Amazon:

Suggestion Two

If you are planning to use the hanging kit for shooting jewelry, you're most likely interested in a smaller footprint solution.  On our page we have the following screenshot:

In this setup, we used our Lumipad lights to place an acrylic sheet on top of the lights and then the turntable on top of the acrylic sheet.  While we don't sell the acrylic sheet directly, here is a good recommendation for something that will work even better.  You can purchase a metal grid mesh from Amazon:

Then mesh the three grids, using zip-ties, into a 4'x4' metal mesh that can stay on top of the Lumipad lights.

Another alternative for a mesh is to use a wire shelf:

The advantage of the mesh  or mesh shelf is that it will offer flexibility in mounting the rotating stem and the turntable can be tied to the mesh via it's supporting rubber legs, as shown in these two images (assume the hex wrench is part of the mesh and the view is from the bottom of the legs):

Suggestion Three

 A final option for mounting the hanging kit is via a stand-alone table, that can be purchased from Amazon (see below for links).  Then drill a 1" hole in the table for the location of the hanging kit stem.

Suggestion Four

Two Sawhorses:

Piece of wood: Ex. 2 x 4’” (or source locally at hardware store). You will need to cut a hole in the middle of this using a hole saw bit (ex.

(optional: Paint plywood white to eliminate unwanted colors in reflective items)