Enable Sony Camera Searching

The Sony plugin is disabled by default and has to be activated. Click the Settings button in ShutterStream software, then About, Enable/Disable plugins, enable Sony.

If your Sony camera supports the Sony USB SDK, then here are the steps for connecting the Sony camera to your computer.

Based on the Sony PDF Dcoument "Sample Application for Camera Remote SDK Instruction Manual version 1.04.00"

This KB article is for ShutterStream version 12.1. and install libusbK version.

Preparation (OS common)

  • Camera settings and connect to PC(/SBC).
    Please set “On” for “PC Remote” and
    “USB” for “PC Remote Cnct Method”
    in “PC Remote Function” Menu.
  • Please connect the Camera to your PC(/SBC)

  • Set your camera to capture JPG.  RAW capture is not yet supported (ShutterStream 11.0), but will be in future versions.

Preparation (Mac)

  • Version 12.0 and higher do not require any additional Mac configurations.
  • Version 11.0 only:
    • In order to make the Sony camera successfully connect to ShutterStream, users will need to manually rename the 'libNkPTPDriver2.dylib' to '_libNkPTPDriver2.dylib'
      (path: /Applications/ShutterStream.app/Contents/Frameworks) and
    • Have the Sony camera searching option enabled from ShutterStream → About.

Preparation (Windows)

  • Please check “Device Manager”
    if your camera “ILCExxx”is under “Portable Devices”.

Installation of libusbK

Check if you got the camera selected, we got this one selected, ILCE-9M2 in this case.

Click Finish & Install Driver Now. Then click the Finish button.

Please check “Device Manager”
if your camera “ILCExxx” is under “ libusbK Usb Devices”.
If you come to this step,you are ready to develop your application by using Camera Remote SDK.

Preparation (Linux)

Installation of some necessary packages:

  • Install some necessary packages below.
$ sudo apt install autoconf libtool libudev dev gcc g++ make cmake unzip
libxml2 dev

USB setting

  • Change USB bulk setting
    [Raspberry Pi OS]
    Add the command below at the end of the file “/
    etc rc.local
    before "exit 0" to modify Bulk Transfer Rate configuration file
$ sudo sh c 'echo 150 > /sys/module/ usbcore / usbfs_memory_mb
exit 0

[Ubuntu (forChange “APPEND ${ cbootargs } quiet”

to the command below in the file “/boot/ extlinux extlinux.conf

APPEND ${ cbootargs } quiet
APPEND ${ cbootargs } usbcore.usbfs_memory_mb =150 usbcore.autosuspend 1

Reboot and check the configuration
Save & Close the file and reboot. Make sure that “150” is written in the configuration file.
“/sys/module/usbcore / usbfs_memory_mb

$ cat /sys/module/usbcore/usbfs_memory_mb