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This error code means the turntable cannot be recognized. This is specific to the Standard Series Medium and Large USB turntables (2014-2019 versions). In 99% of the time, this comes down to user not installing the driver or the turntable not being powered on and connected via USB. Please ensure turntable has power (check LED Lights) and connected via USB. Then confirm the turntable driver has been installed per instructions on the turntable quick start guide provided at time of purchase:



If using the Jewelry USB turntable, please follow the steps in this article: (option in the 360 Shooting Window will be under Arduino - NOT Iconasys Turntable).

If issues persist, please follow these steps:

  1. Please download and install the latest software version:
  2. Follow the steps from this link:
  3. Remove all the USB devices, including the camera, connect only the turntable after it was turned off then on.
  4. Disable any antivirus software you might have running.
  5. Please also have a look at this article: