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I'm using Shutter Stream 5.0 and I have trouble configuring the turntable on my Mac.


Starting with version 5.0 we have switched from the open source FTDI SUB drivers to the proprietary FTDI drivers.  This should enhance turntable usage and in most cases, all you have to do is install the turntable drivers.  However, in some cases you have to take a few additional steps.

Camera has to be connected when using turntable, as the first step of 360 process is snap an image, then rotate turntable.

Turntable Model, from 360 window in Shutter Stream, has to be changed from Iconasys to Standard USB, Jewelry or Platinum model, depending on the turntable model you have.

Here are the steps we recommend when troubleshooting our turntables on Mac
  1. First, make sure you use the original USB cable that came with the turntable. Do not use any powered USB cords. It may be OK, even recommended, that you do use a powered USB hub, but DO NOT use a non-powered USB hub.
  2. If your turntable serial number falls between 0130-0500 and 0130-0750, you may have to do a turntable hardware adjustment as described at the bottom of this KB:
    Turntable Fails To Rotate. However, before doing any hardware re-adjustment, please contact Iconasys technical support.
  3. Power up the table and check that you can see the FTDI driver, by going to: 
    1. About this Mac
    2. Click on System Report
    3. Click on Hardware/USB and make sure you see FT245R listed in the list, as shown below:
    4. If you do not see the FT245R listed, then there's no need to go any further. There's a hardware problem or a cable problem and you'll need to contact our technical support. Please let them know that you cannot detect the FT245R when the table is connected and powered on.
  4. Start Shutter Stream and go to the 360 controller.  
    1. If the controller starts without any errors, then you are ready to test the table. Go to Step 6.
  5. If the controller give you an error that the controller cannot be opened

    then proceed as follows:
    1. Install the FTDI drivers from the About menu. Return to the main menu, go to About and Install the Iconasys turntable drivers:
    2. Please Go to Step 4 and retry opening the 360 controller. If you continue to get an error, then open up a command prompt or the Terminal app, from Launchpad (the rocket icon, then just type Terminal), or from Finder app (then go to Applications) and type in the following command line:

      sudo kextunload -b

      At the command prompt, enter the command: sudo kextunload -b

      then press Return. You may have to enter your password.

      After entering the command, go back to step 4 and try the turntable again. In the unlikely event that you are still not able to open the controller, then try the next step as well:

    3. At the command prompt type:

      sudo kextunload /System/Library/Extensions/FTDIUSBSerialDriver.kext

      At the command prompt, enter the command: sudo kextunload /System/Library/Extensions/FTDIUSBSerialDriver.kext

      then press Return. You may have to enter your password.

      then try the turntable again.

    4. If everything continues to fail, then contact the Iconasys support team.
  6. Finally, you are ready to test the table. Go to the 360 dialog, select the kind of turntable you have and then press PLAY. The table should be rotating now. Press STOP and the table should stop.

    Please note that you may have to scroll down to see the PLAY and STOP buttons.