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NOTE - this issue was localized to Shutter Stream Version 3.0 (due to Canon SDK issues communicating with Mac OSX Sierra). This has been resolved in Shutter Stream Version 3.1+


I have updated my Mac OS to Sierra and now my Canon does not work good with Shutter Stream.  In some cases, starting Shutter Stream, with no camera connected, will freeze Shutter Stream and the system shows a high CPU usage.


In most cases, however, in order to get your Canon camera working with Shutter Stream you have to please follow the these steps highlighted next.:

titleConfiguring Canon cameras on Sierra
The main steps for configuring the Canon cameras on Sierra are:
  1. Make sure you have updated to a version equal to or higher than 3.0.23249.
  2. If step 1 continues to fail, then disable the Nikon libraries as instructed below.
  3. If step 2 continues to fail, then install and test with the sample Canon app from below
  4. If step 2 fails but step 3 passes, then please start Shutter Stream from the command line and send the logs to our support team
  5. Let the Iconasys support team know whether or not the sample Canon app works.


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