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  1. Make sure you are using the latest version of the Shutter Stream (360) software – if necessary contact your support or your sales representative.
  2. From the settings, blue gear box, select "View serial number ..."

    titleNo Access To Shutter Stream

    If you no longer have access to the Shutter Stream software and you receive a message about the 10 day trial period having expired, please press the HELP button in order to get access to the serial number!

  3. When the serial number is shown, right click on the serial number and choose Select All.

    titleSerial Number Change

    Please note that the serial number changes every time you view it.  This is for security purposes and you do not need to be worried about it or to try to keep the dialog box open until you receive the license file.  The license file will work with either serial number as long as the serial number is generated by the same computer and user account that you are trying to add the license file to.

  4. Right click and select Copy
  5. Send us the serial number by pasting it into an email and sending the email to our support team ( ) If you already have a ticket open with the support team, please respond to the last email from the Iconasys support team and paste the serial number into that email. Please also tell us which serial number is from which software.
  6. A support engineer will respond to you in a timely manner and provide you the Tutum license file for your particular installation.
  7. The license file will have the name tutum.lic.  The license file may be received as an attachment in an email and/or as a link to a download (pointing to your Servicedesk account).
  8. Save the file tutum.lic to your desktop and then click on the Import license file button below the serial number (as shown in the image above).
  9. You should receive a message that the file was successfully imported.  Restart Shutter Stream and you should be all set.

    titleTutum Import Fails

    Under rare circumstances, you may receive an "Invalid license file" error. Download the file on your computer, on Desktop. If still not working, and using the same PC, check those steps for invalid license error:

    If you have not changed anything on your computer and are using the same PC used for obtaining the serial number, please manually copy the downloaded tutum file to the following location:

    For Windows: go to My Computer, then LocalDisk C:\Users\ , then <<Your_user_name>> folder (for example, "John" folder if your name is John), then \AppData\Local\IconaSys\ShutterStream
    For Mac: go to Finder app, then MacOSX drive, then /Users/, then <<Your_user_name>> folder (for example, "John" folder if your name is John), then /Library/ApplicationSupport/ShutterStream).

    If you can not find the Library folder, or the Appdata folder, you will need to display the hidden folders from either Control Panel, Folder options (for Windows), or either right click inside the <<Your-user-name>> folder, then View Options, Display the Library folder (for Mac).

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