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The popping sound should only be noticed on the large Iconasys turntables.  The large turntables use an AC (alternative current) motor while the medium turntables use a DC (direct current) motor.  When using the AC motor, there the ground and power voltage differentials alternate with respect to each otherat the AC frequency.  This causes the AC motor to sometimes (not always, depending on the voltage differential) start in the wrong direction.  The fix in the Iconasys turntables is to add a mechanical break such that as soon as the motor turns the wrong direction, it is stopped and forced to turn in the correct direction.  This mechanical break can manifest itself into a "loud" popping sound.  It is perfectly normal to hear this sound and this will not affect the overall performance of the table.

The popping sound is not detected in the medium turntables since these tables use a DC motor, which always starts its turn in the same direction.