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When I export my files, on my Windows machine, I randomly get black thumbnails or black images as outputs.

Limited to Windows 7

Please note: we have only been able to replicate this issue on Windows 7. All other Windows versions, higher than Windows 8 & 10+ should work OK.


If you look at your thumbnails in Windows Explorer, you may see that the images are not fully black, but are partially processed.  This suggests that the file starts being processed and then, during the save process, the file gets locked and the writing is not finished.  Try the following solution:

One possible issue is that the Windows Explorer interferes with the writing process of the file. What we suspect is happening is this:
  • You have Windows Explorer opened and watching the output folder while Shutter Stream is writing out the files. 
  • Windows Explorer accesses some files while they are being written (i.e. tries to read the thumbnail)
  • This process then locks Shutter Stream from writing the complete file.

Please try the following:

  1. Before outputting the 360 files, please make sure you close all Windows Explorer windows.
  2. Output the files.
  3. Check the output files after Shutter Stream completes writing out the output files.

If this works, then most likely the issue is Windows Explorer, in which case, you can test again, just make sure you do not watch the output folder while the output is being written.