This KB is specific to using the Small LumiPad 360 Lighting System with the Iconasys Silver Series Jewelry Turntable and Hanging Kit.

Step-by-step guide

Main steps are:

  1. Place sheets on the sides
  2. Place sheet on the bottom
  3. Place sheet on the front.


In this example, we use the Small LumiPad 360 Lighting Kit with the 360 Jewelry Turntable and Hanging Kit accessory.

For suspending the turntable, we use a 16 x 20 white foamboard sheet in which we have cut a hole out of the middle. This sheet will sit on top of the LumiPad backlight panel and two front tower lights and we place the Jewelry Turntable on top – directly over the hole we cut. We then attach the Hanging Kit mount stem from the underside to the turntable stem (connect via magnet).

White foamboard sheets can also be used to create a light box effect to eliminate any unwanted reflections. This is optional (Foam Board Purchase Links:

  1. Place one sheet on the left and right of the lighting. On the left side we have cut out inserts for the LumiPad light dimmer knobs (these (in the attached image example) are rested on the side of the lighting panels. Should  users wish to secure these, a Velcro adhesive is a great option ex.
  2. On the bottom (this is ideal if table users are shooting on are causing unwanted reflections on the items being photographed on the hanging kit).
  3. Front Opening Cover (not pictured): Foam board can be placed over the front opening to bounce light back in on to the object being photographed. Users will be required to cut a shooting hole/opening in the foamboard panel to shoot through.