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I'm having issues with the turntable and camera.  After snapping first image, the progress bar stays at 0% and the camera wont take pictures / turntable doesn't rotate.


Most likely, the issue is that the camera is set to cap[ture RAW format images only. Please set your camera to shoot in JPG format (either JPG only or JPG+RAW).

Here are a few things to try:
  1. Make sure that the camera is set to taking JPG or JPG+RAW. Most likely, you have the camera set to RAW images only.
  2. Make sure that you can capture multiple images outside of the 360 capture more.
  3. Make sure that the turntable rotates by itself. Press the PLAY and STOP buttons in the 360 dialog and make sure that the table works. If it does not, then you need to troubleshoot the table first.