I have received the tutum.lic license file but when I try to register it, I get an error about an invalid license file.  What should I do?


The most likely scenario is that the license file you received from Iconasys  was either:

A. Generated from a different computer than it is trying to be installed on (license files will only work for the computer they are generated for)

B. The license file may have become corrupted during the download process.

C. If stored the licence on local server not on Desktop.


Here are a few suggestions for trying to resolve registration issues:

If you the software fails to properly install the tutum.lic license file, here are a few things that you should try:
  1. Make sure that the serial number is obtained from the same computer and the same user account as the computer and user account you are trying to register with the Tutum license file.  The license file is not transferable from computer to computer or from user to user.  In other words, you cannot generate the serial number on computer A and expect the license file to work on computer B.  This is also true for user accounts.
    1. Note: On the same computer and the same user account, if you close and re-open the serial number information, the serial number will change!  This is meant to be a security feature and you do not need to be worried about it.  That serial number, although different, is internally decoded to a unique key that is the same key for the same computer and the same user account.  You can close the software and re-open it when the license file arrives or you can keep it open until the license file arrives.  You will be fine either way.
  2. If you had manually emailed us the Serial Number from the software, make sure that the serial number was properly copied and pasted into the support ticket.  Please do not try to manually retype the serial number when you request a new license file.
  3. If you've downloaded the license file from an email link or you received it directly from an email client, please try obtaining it directly via your Servicedesk support account:

    and: do not use Chrome as your browser when accessing the customer portal from above.  Use Mozilla, Internet Explorer or Safari instead.  We have noticed that Chrome tends to corrupt the download process under certain circumstances (we are not yet sure why, if it's a security feature in Chrome that messes with any downloaded attachments, or something else).
  4. Request from the support team that they send you a zipped version of the tutum.lic license file.  When you download a zipped file, you can better tell if the downloaded process messed up with the file or not.  If anything got corrupted during the download process, the zip file usually will not work.  After you unzip the file you should see a file called tutum.lic.  Next, try registering using the unzipped license file.
  5. If you are registering multiple products, please be careful about making sure that you are providing the correct serial number to the correct product, to our support team.  Similarly, make sure you are using the correct license file with the correct product.
  6. As a last resource, try manually copying the tutum.lic to its appropriate location:

    For Windows: go to My Computer, then LocalDisk C:\Users\ , then <<Your_user_name>> folder (for example, "John" folder if your name is John), then \AppData\Local\IconaSys\ShutterStream
    For Mac: go to Finder app, then MacOSX drive, then /Users/, then <<Your_user_name>> folder (for example, "John" folder if your name is John), then /Library/ApplicationSupport/ShutterStream).

    If you can not find the Library folder, or the Appdata folder, you will need to display the hidden folders from either Control Panel, Folder options (for Windows), or either right click inside the <<Your-user-name>> folder, then View Options, Display the Library folder (for Mac).

  7. Copy licence on Desktop all work fine. Do not use a network drive location, or cloud synced folder (iCloud, Drive, Dropbox etc.).
  8. If all fails, please contact our support team and they will try to register your software via a remote session.