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How do I hang the Platinum XL turntable and what are the weight limitations?

Step-by-step guide

The Platinum XL turntable can support weights of up to a few pounds.  We do not recommend that you hang anything more than 5Kg-10Kg.  You will need to provide your own support platform or hanging kit shelf.  Here are some images and steps that explain how the Platinum XL should be hung:

  1. With your turntable there should be 4x small metal parts that have two holes in them.  One hole goes through the existing level adjustment screw and one is for mounting the table to a supporting platform, as shown below. 
  2. Mount the legs to a supporting platform as shown below.  The customer will have to provide the supporting platform.
  3. Alternatively, you may use the metal parts as hooks to hang around a wire-mesh shelf.  Wire mesh shelves and other supporting platforms are discussed in this KB: Platinum LRG Turntable Hanging Kit.
  4. The top of the Platinum XL has M5 and M8 threaded holes as shown in this pdf: XL_TopHoles.pdf.  Use the M8 stainless steel hooks, that are part of the hanging kit, to thread the eye bolts into the top platform.  This will make it easier to use a fishline to hang your products via the eye bolts.
  5. Finally, here are a few more images that can be used to understand the suggested hanging method:

Please see the KB article Platinum LRG Turntable Hanging Kit for suggestions and ideas on what you can purchase as a hanging shelf and support.