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How do I install the Platinum XL extenders?

Step-by-step guide


The 3D PDF can be viewed inside Adobe's 3D PDF Viewer as a 3D object that you can rotate to inspect installation.

  • Installing the Platinum XL extenders is pretty straight forward.  The extenders are shown in this 3D PDF: XLExtenders.pdf
  • The complete assembly of the turntable with the extenders are shown in this 3D PDF: PlatinuXLWithExtenders.pdf
  • The top holes PDF description is available here: XL_TopHoles.pdf

Here are a few 3D PDF screen captures to show the assembly steps:

1) Assemble the extenders2) Place the turntable on the extenders
3) Add extension top (not provided by Iconasys)4) A transparent view of (3), showing assembled turntable

Further, here are the steps shown in pictures:

  1. The fully installed set looks like this:
  2. When you install the casters, please make sure the screw is installed such that it sits inside the sunken end of the extender, as shown below:
  3. To add the turntable to the extenders, remove the levelers and place directly on the metal holders, as shown in the following three images:
  4. Place the table's legs on the four risers as shown below:
  5. You are now ready to place the large platform on top of the table and extenders.