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Connecting multiple cameras to Shutter Stream and is there any issue with me using a hub to connect the cameras to the computer? (If my cables aren’t long enough)

Step-by-step guide

When using multiple cameras or needing an extended USB Cord through Shutter Stream or Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography Software, we suggest the following:

  1. We suggest to use cables shorter than 6 foot/1.5 meters. Longer cables can often cause camera connection issues
  2. You can put a powered USB port hub and 2 or more cables if needed.

Note, when extending USB cords, there can be communication errors as a result of the signal being lost along the cable. For this reason we typically suggest say two 6 foot cords with a powered USB hub in the middle. The USB hub will act as a booster for any signal being sent along the cord to minimize chance of USB communication failing between our software and the turntable.
So for that reason, we would suggest you consider a powered USB hub. For example:

Alternatively, we have had success with a 16ft active repeater cord(used to extend USB cord length: