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I would like to shoot product photography through Shutter Stream Product Photography Software using my mobile phone or my tablet – Android phone, Android tablet, iPhone or iPad.

Version Greater than 5.0 Required!

Please note: support for mobile devices is ONLY available with a PC or Mac, in Shutter Stream version 5.0+! Click on the blue gear box in the upper-right corner of the Shutter Stream UI, then select About to check your version.

You will need Shutter Stream or Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography Software. You cannot use a mobile phone without the computer application. We recommend to use a recently released mobile phone.

Step-by-Step Guide

Main steps are:

  1. Install Shutter Stream mobile app
  2. Run the mobile app
  3. Enter IP number in Shutter Stream computer app
  4. View the preview in Shutter Stream
  5. Troubleshooting
  6. Hints – How to connect your phone to Shutter Stream without a wireless router

  1. Search for Shutter Stream, in Play Store or in App Store and install it:

  2. Run the mobile app with your mobile phone connected to the same wireless router as the computer. The mobile app will display an IP address, which needs to be entered in ShutterStream desktop software.

    iPhone First Time Use

    On the iPhone, we have noticed that, sometimes, the very first time the application is started, after a new install, a white or black screen appears. If that happens to your phone, please close the application by double-tapping the home button and then swiping the application up. Then restart the application again. Eventually, you will see the screen shown below.

  3. In the Shutter Stream desktop app, you will need to enter the IP address displayed on the Shutter Stream mobile app. The IP format entered in Shutter Stream should look like this: 192.168.1__.1__

    When entering IP, there should be NO space after DOT and if the number is 1, then you need to click to the next field.

    IP should NOT be entered like this: 192.168._1_.51 and all underscores need to be trailing, like this: 192.168.1__.51_

  4. Once the IP is entered correctly, the preview will be visible in Shutter Stream


If the camera connects briefly and then you receive the Shutter Stream message: "Mobile device was disconnected," please check your computer's firewall and try to connection with the firewall off.  If it works with the firewall off then add a rule for allowing Shutter Stream to go through the firewall:

Connecting your Phone to Shutter Stream Without a Wireless Router, Using the Phone's Personal Hotspot

The connection has to be done via Ethernet and that requires the phone and the Shutter Stream system to be connected to the same wireless network.  However, sometimes a wireless network is not available.  In that case, you can configure your phone as a hotspot and use it as the router to connect your computer to.  This way, you no longer need a wireless router and this will also provide the most efficient way to connect to your wireless device, in the sense that it will minimize network delays.  Here are the steps (shown for an iPhone):

  1. Set up your personal hotspot and connect your computer wirelessly to it.  On the phone you will see that the computer is now connected to your phone.  The personal hotspot connection should be visible.
  2. Start up the ShutterStream phone application.  You will receive a message that the application cannot find the WiFi address.  That's fine, we will find it another way.
  3. With the computer connected, open up a terminal and check the IP address (on Mac: ifconfig / on Win: ipconfig) and read the wireless address assigned by the hotspot:

    In our case, the IP address is
  4. The IP address of the router (the phone in this case) usually ends in .1 and it's a class C (which means the first three numbers are fixed).  So try to ping the IP address you have, but with .1 instead.  In our case, we try to ping:

    In our case the ping was successful, which means that computer is talking to the phone just fine.  Enter the IP address of the phone in ShutterStream.  In our example, you'd enter:
  5. Done!  You are now connected directly with the phone and you bypassed any potential bottlenecks that an external wireless router would provide.  Happy photographing!