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How do I integrate the 360 Product Views into my website, such as: Magento, Wix, Squarespace, BigCommerce, or others.

We have how-to-upload 360 Product Views articles for more common eCommerce platforms and Content Management Systems (CMS). Please go to: Iconasys Knowledge Base then search 'upload'. You'll find a list of articles on how to integrate 360 Product Views on your website.

Step-by-step guide

Your main options are:

  1. Upload files locally: This should be straight forward if using Animated GIF or MP4 outputs, however if HTML5 or Interactive MP4, uploading locally into your site is not likely an option. In this case you'll need to host the 360 file, then embed it into your website (see #3 below).

  2. Use the Iconasys 360 Hosting Service: Upload your 360 product views to the Iconasys 360 Hosting Servers then embed them into your website (see instructions HERE). This works for almost all content management platforms.

  3. Use your own Server to host the files. Then embed them into your website. See instructions for self-hosting your 360 Product Views HERE.

  4. Use a 3rd party 360 hosting service. Ex. We suggest SIRV as the best.

  5. Use a 3rd party plugin for 360 Product Views that integrates with your CMS or eCommerce Platform (ex. Magic Toolbox's Magic 360 Plugin)