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Problem: User recieves tutum license file after registering software however at time of import recieves error message 'Invalid license file' during license file import (for Shutter Stream/Shutter Stream 360/360 View Creator Software).

Reason: The tutum license file was created for an incorrect serial number. It is important to point out, the tutum license file will only work for the unique serial number it was created for. Meaning:

    1. If you are trying to use tutum file created for the Shutter stream Software on one computer it will not work on another computer. So we need the serial number from the destination computer. (if you got no internet access on that one, you just need to copy the serial number in a simple text file and then the received tutum file on the destination PC, like you would copy any other file (copy using a USB flash memory stick for example, external hard disk), then import the tutum, using the steps in the e-mail. Skip steps 3 and 4 if software expired. You will get where the serial number of the software is, where you'll find a button to import the tutum file.)
    2. If you are trying to use the tutum file created for the Shutter Shutter Software, it will not work for the 360 View Creator Software.
    3. If the serial number you provided was copied and pasted incorrectly, it will not work.
    4. if different user accounts, on the same computer, can cause problems. We recommend to create a general user account, for just in case your employee leaves, to continue to have access to that user account.

    5. (*Very rare) - Non Administrative Rights is causing an issue with the import, if you do not have Admin Rights on your computer, please try importing the tutum license file manually:

      For Windows, go to My Computer, then LocalDisk C:\Users\ , then <<Your_user_name>> folder (for example, "John" folder if your name is John), then \AppData\Local\IconaSys\ShutterStream
      For Mac, go to Finder app, then MacOSX drive, then /Users/, then <<Your_user_name>> folder (for example, "John" folder if your name is John), then /Library/ApplicationSupport/ShutterStream).

      If you can not find the Library folder, or the Appdata folder, you will need to display the hidden folders from either Control Panel, Folder options (for Windows), or either right click inside the <<Your-user-name>> folder, then View Options, Display the Library folder (for Mac).

      After installing tutum license file manually in the back end folder, please try to relaunch the software. If the 'Invalid license file' error message still displays, continue below.

    6. Copy licence on Desktop all work fine. Do not use a network drive location, or cloud synced folder (iCloud, Drive, Dropbox etc.).
    7. If your maintenance plan expired and you installed the latest software version, instead of the initial software version.

Since the license file does not match the software's unique serial number, users are required to re-submit their serial number to our support team so we can recreate/reissue the license file. At this time we will also disable any previously sent license files.

Solution: Please follow either of the following links to resubmit your Software serial number:

Shutter Stream: Shutter Stream Software Expired

360 View Creator: 360 View Creator Software Expired