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I would like a sample 360 Product View output for testing purposes.

For the 360 Animated GIF and Standard MP4 Video files, integration into website will be very straight forward.


For the Interactive HTML5 or Interactive MP4 output from our 360 software, there is two options:

  1. Output 360 product view locally the upload to own servers (Iconasys Stream Server) for hosting


      2. Upload 360 view to our Stream 360 Image Hosting Server

For option 1, I have uploaded a 360 product view in each output option (Interactive HTML5, Interactive MP4, 360 Animated GIF, 360 Product Video) to our dropbox account. You will also notice there is a .pdf with the hosted 360 view’s using the Iconasys Stream Server. Please download from: (click link, look in top right corner, select ‘Download’ then ‘Direct Download’. After download complete, please be sure to completely unzip this folder prior to working with the sample 360 views.

Note, in these examples I output at 1000 px wide but you will have full control over the size of the output during the 360 output process. You also can fully customize these (spin speed, spin direction, buttons, player style (ex. continuous spin, spin once), mouse control as well as the ability to add Interactive Hotspots and Zoom).


Instructions are as follows for viewing 360 locally:
1.      Unzip the file
2.      Open:
           index.html (will display at whatever output size defined during output from software (in this case 1000 px wide))
      OR iframe.html (will dynamically fit to viewing screen) file in web browser.

Instructions are as follows for hosting 360 view/embed into webpage
(*NOTE – we do have a 360 image hosting option should you not wish to use our own servers (in this case, simply use hosted iFrame link provided in Hosted 360 Product View Links.pdf (downloaded from dropbox) then skip to step 4 below to embed 360 view into your site):
1.      Unzip the file
2.      Host the entire folder – for example, I upload this on our site to a folder called Downloads (we use Filezilla to upload this to our webserver)
3.      After this has been uploaded, open the master folder and locate the *iframe.html file (suggested) or index.html file and copy the link of the hosted file to the iframe.html file

  1. Make a subfolder under your root directory called: 360-Product-Views
  2. Upload the Interactive-HTML5 folder to this root directory
  3. The hosted link, after upload would be:
  4. Copy that iframe link and embed it into your webpage (using iframe embed code) OR Link this to a button/text that says something like ‘View 360 Product View’ as displayed in: 360-view-button-product-page.jpg (see attached sample buttons in dropbox folder: iconasys-360-product-view-button-1.png, iconasys-360-product-view-button-2.png)