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Before we dive in, we must understand the meaning of NFT. So what is a non-fungible token (NFT)?

By definition is a cryptographic token that represents a unique asset. They function as verifiable proofs of authenticity and ownership within a blockchain network. NFTs are not interchangeable with each other and introduce scarcity to the digital world. Bitcoin for example is fungible, trade one for another bitcoin, and you’ll have exactly the same thing. NFTs can represent art collectibles, virtual lands, in-game assets(objects), music, artistic pictures, 3D models and so on. 

Can we generate these non-fungible tokens with ShutterStream & 360 View Creator? Yes!

Using ShutterStream software we can easily shoot studio 360 photography and send our images to the 360 View Creator software in order to generate a final 360 project, that can be later used to upload it to a NFT Marketplace. We will cover the most popular and largest NFT Market in this tutorial, which is Opensea.

Step 1 - Create Your First Crypto Wallet

First step is to create our crypto wallet. We are using a blockchain in order to create & mint these 360 NFTs, thus we need to connect on these platforms using a Web 3.0 method = sign in/connect with your wallet. Most popular and widely used is Metamask and we will install it in the Chrome browser as a plugin.

What is NFT minting?

“Minting” or creating an NFT is how it becomes part of the blockchain. Most NFT marketplaces exist on the Ethereum blockchain. Once NFTs are minted, they can be bought, sold, and traded. NFTs that artists mint are tied directly to their wallet, which means they can hold and manage sales directly. NFTs can be easily minted on NFT marketplaces, such as OpenSea, Rarible, Looksrare, Binance NFT, NFT or Mintable.

Let's begin with our Metamask wallet:

  • Click on this link and install Metamask: Add Metamask to Chrome
  • After you install it, go to your Chrome extensions bar 

  • Click on the Create new wallet button

  • Next step is to write down your secret passphrase because you will need this in order to import your wallet into another computer/device

  • Create a new password

  • Done creating your new wallet

Tokens and NFTs can be imported/added to your wallet by using the "Add Token" feature.

  • Final step is to go to and connect your wallet using your Chrome extension. Search for "Polygon Network" then click Add to Metamask. Done

In this article we'll be using Polygon Network on the OpenSea Market to avoid gas fees (you can use Ethereum Network as well, but there are gas fees for every smart contract/transaction). Read more about gas fees here.

Step 2 - Create a New Profile on OpenSea

After you generated your 360 project which will be your new NFT, we will need to add it to OpenSea. In this example, we will use the generate 360 Polaroid camera using the 360 View Creator software.

Format .gif - formats can also have the .mp4 extension

  • Go to OpenSea, click on the wallet icon and connect with your Metamask wallet Chrome extension.

  • It will ask you to Sign in order to create your new profile, click on the Sign button

  • Your profile was created successfully. Now click and visit your profile. Done

Step 3 - Create a New Collection on OpenSea

Every NFT is a part of a collection, a collection is your main NFT organiser.

  • Click on the Create button and start creating your new collection

  • Add a logo and a featured image

  • Add a banner image, name, a unique URL to be easy to find it and a description.

  • Select a category, in this case: Art. 

  • Select a percentage fee and your payout wallet address which can be found by clicking on your profile image (click on the address to copy it)

  • The last part is to add the Polygon network and different payment tokens for having a variety of payment methods which is very beneficial.

  • We can click on the Create button to create our collection. Done

Step 4 - Create a New Item in Your OpenSea Collection

  • Access your collections and click on your previously generate 360 Collection.

  • Click on the Add item button. Now we can create our first 360 NFT which was generated/exported at Step 2

  • Add your 360 GIF/Video, insert a descriptive text and add a description to it

  • All these fields depend on your project, if you have a game character as NFT for example you can add Levels to it, or in this case you can insert as a property: Object → Polaroid Camera etc.
  • Supply if the number of your copies that can be minted, you can mint/generate 10 Polaroid Cameras

  • Click the Create button and now your NFT 360 item has been created. Done

Step 5 - Sell & Share Your NFT

The most important and final step after we created the NFT is to promote and sell it. You can share on several social media platforms such as: Twitter, Discord, Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.

  • In order to sell it, click on your created 360 NFT and click Sell

  • Now we can choose listing duration period, the price/copy and OpenSea will calculate the final supply price in ETH

Click on the Complete listing button and now we have our first 360 NFT that we can share, transfer, sell to other NFT consumers & enthusiasts.

Here is a final example on how a 360 collection on OpenSea should look like: