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Total Process Time to Create Web-ready 360 Product View: ~20 minutes

Frame Count: 72 frames/360 rotation (1 capture every 5 degrees)

Additional Accessory Used: N/A

Turntable: Platinum LRG 360 Product Photography Turntable

Software Used: Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography Software

Lighting Used: Medium LumiPad 360 Product Photography

Lighting System Accessory Used: N/A

Camera/Lens Used: Canon M50 with Canon EF-M 15-45mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM

Flash: No

Shutter speed: 1/15

Aperture (F-number): f/7.1

ISO: 200

File format: JPG

    The following 360 project is a simple and smooth 360 degree spin of a hammer drill from Parkside, using the Iconasys Lumipad Medium lights and the Platinum LRG Turntable with a total of 72 frames. The process took around 20 minutes to create with customized hotspots. In order to create a smooth 360 project, a stepper turntable is required to support multiple shooting frames ( 72, 120, 172 frames etc.) with a very precise rotation. The bigger the number, the smoother the frame to frame transitions will be.

    Using the Medium Lumipad studio lights, we’ve managed to diffuse the light that goes directly pointed to our object, without creating harsh shadows and highlights. The quality is given but the lighting conditions and the camera lens and in this example we used a high quality prime lens. We've made sure that our object is aligned in the center of the turntable in order to avoid the object going outside the boundaries and to keep every frame symmetrical. 

   After we finally created our project, it's time to share the generated iframe and index links and embed them on our website. In this example the generated iframe link was shared from and embedded into a HTML plugin on this page.